FLING DL ARTF Model Glider

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Let the Fling DL Sport ARF introduce you to the ease and excitement of discus launching !

More and more modellers are gravitating to this category of gliders, because DLGs do not require special equipment or even a strong throwing arm to get a model airborne.

- The Fling DL Sport ARF can be ready for its first discus launch after just 2-3 hours of
straightforward assembly
- Quality construction adds strength while also minimising weight
- Radio gear mounts easily inside the fibreglass fuselage pod
- The rudder and elevator control surfaces utilise a lightweight, easy-to-install pull/pull
linkage system

Wingspan: 1520 mm
Length: 1000 mm
Wing area: 22 sq.dm
Wing loading: 16...18 g/sq.dm
Weight: 340...400 g (full equipped)

RC functions:
- Rudder
- Elevator

Kit contents:
- Fuselage made in carbon and fiber glass
- Wood Classical Wings covered with adhesive film
- Wood Tail Wings covered with adhesive film
- Bungee launch system
- Instructions

To run the model, you will also need:
- RC system with 4 channel with mini receiver
- Transmitter battery
- MICRO servos (4 pcs)
- Receiver battery 4.8 V/ 350 mA
- Servo extension leads
- Battery charger with charge leads


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