BULLET (1475 mm) Model Airplane

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The legendary ‘70s Bullet returns and is set to create quite a stir amongst an entirely new generation of model pilots! The original Bullet was regarded by many as the definitive sports model of its time and this new improved version will undoubtedly acheive the same iconic status. The Ripmax Bullet enjoys a 10% size increase over the original to cater for today’s modern high output engines. This also provides for a lighter wing loading and improved in-flight handling characteristics. And....what’s more, this time it comes factory built and lovingly hand finished!

- The legend returns!
- High quality ARTF construction
- Minimal assembly time
- Outstanding flight performance

Wingspan: 1475 mm
Length: 1290 mm
Total surface area: approx.  sq.dm
All-up weight: approx. 2800 g
RC functions:
- Rudder
- Aileron
- Elevator
- Throttle
Kit contents:  
- Factory built and covered fuselaje
- Factory built and covered wing, tail and fin
- Pre-painted fiberglass motor cowl
- Complete set of accesories: spinner, fuel tank, pushrods, clevises, horns, wheels, etc.
- Full color, step-by-step assembly instructions

To run the model, you will also need:
- RC system with 4 channel or more
- Glow plug engine 6.5 - 9 ccm
- STANDARDS servos (5 pcs)
- Recommended propeller for the chosen engine
- Glow plug for the chosen engine
- Glow starter with battery
- Electric STARTER (optional)
- Silicone fuel tube
- Fuel filter
- Fuel
- Fuel hand pump (optional)
- Receiver battery
- Servo extension leads
- Battery charger and charge leads


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