WOT 4 MK2 ARTF Model Airplane (1334 mm)

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Designed and developed by Chris Foss, the UK's leading model aircraft designer, the WOT 4 MK2 ARTF is the first Almost Ready to Fly version of his timeless classic - arguably the best of Chris's designs - it has to be the most exciting sports aerobatic models of all time !!

Its strong, lightweight balsa and ply structure is supplied expertly factory built and finished in heatshrink film, so the WOT MK2 ARTF is flight ready in minimum time. The model comes complete with durable aluminium undercarriage, pre-painted fibreglass cowl and comprehensive accessory pack including spinner, wheels, tank, linkages and more.

In the air is where the WOT MK2 excels... it can be flown at little more than walking pace under full control and then push the throttle open and you're rewarded with a sparkling aerobatic performance.
One word best describes the WOT MK2: Versatile. With reduced throws it's the perfect follow on from a trainer. With the recommended throws it's the perfect sports model with loops, rolls, flicks and spins being well within its repertoire. Experienced pilots will want to increase the throws further and, when fitted with a powerful engine at the top end of the recommended range, the sky really is the limit !!

With terrific vertical performance this highly aerobatic model will satisfy the most demanding pilot.

Is there a better stunt model ? We don't think so !!


- Almost Ready to Fly Version of the Legendary WOT MK2 !!
- Designed and Developed by Chris Foss
- Highly Aerobatic – Sensational Performance
- Amazing Low-Speed Manoeuvrability

Wingspan: 1334 mm
Length: 1185 mm
All-up weight: 2200 g

RC functions:
- Rudder
- Aileron
- Elevator
- Throttle
Kit contents:
- Factory built and covered fuselage
- Factory built and covered wing, tail and fin
- Pre-formed aluminium undercarriage and pre-painted fibreglass cowl
- Comprehensive hardware package containing spinner, tank, wheels, pushrods, clevises, horns etc.
- Full colour, step-by-step assembly instructions

To run the model, you will also need:
- RC system with 4 channel or more
- Glow plug engine 6.5 - 9 ccm (.40-.55)
- STANDARDS servos (5 pcs)
- Recommended propeller for the chosen engine
- Glow plug for the chosen engine
- Glow starter with battery
- Electric STARTER (optional)
- Silicone fuel tube
- Fuel filter
- Fuel
- Fuel hand pump (optional)
- Receiver battery
- Servo extension leads
- Battery charger and charge leads


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