ULTRA FLIP 3D Infrared Model Airplane (1200 mm)

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The Ultra Flip 3D is the perfect aerobatic trainer for uncompromised 3D acrobatics with a powerful drive 4s. Due to the slow ground speed and high maneuverability succeed in even the most difficult maneuvers in a jiffy.

The completely neutral, always predictable flight characteristics, gives the pilot a very short time a familiar feeling of flying! The high hull shape and the winglets on the wing tips of the wing give the Ultra Flip 3D is a particularly stable knife attitude.

- 3D aerobatic model with electric drive 4s
- Large control surfaces for uncompromised 3D acrobatics
- Powerful 4s brushless drive
- 40A controller made by Hobbywing
- Strong-bladed Cutters attitude by high fuselage and winglets
- Fuselage, wing and tail are made of the lightweight material HypoDur®
- Foam rubber-light wheels
- High degree of prefabrication, thus short construction period
- Outstanding aerobatic capability
- Easy to handle on the ground and in the air
Wingspan: 1200 mm
Length: 1,340 mm
Weight: 1,690 g
Surface area: about 37.8 dm
Wing loading: about 44.7 g / dm
Battery: 14.8V LiPo (4s) 2,200 mAh
Motor: Brushless Ø40x15 mm 800kV external rotor
Battery connection: T-connector
RC functions:
- Elevator
- Rudder
- Aileron
- Motor
Scope of delivery:
- Fuselage, wings and empennage in foamed construction
- 4 micro servos
- 4s brushless electric motor
- 4s Brushless Controller
- Propeller
- Detailed assembly instructions


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