VENUS 3D EP Red Model Airplane (828 mm)

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A highly advanced 'profile' style 3D model that is far, far more than just the usual foam sheet. The whole model is moulded in EPO foam for durability and minimal weight. This method of moulding leaves strength where it is needed and minimal foam where it is not. Unlike normal 'profile' models, the Venus 3D incorporates a special plastic nose moulding/motor mount to spread the shock of impacts to more of the structure. Just behind it is a special internal compartment for both the ESC and 2S Li-Po battery. The magnetic hatch renders them invisible during flight. What other profile style model offers that?
On the performance front, the Venus 3D delivers that in spades! The ultra slow speed peformance is predictable and dramatic, thanks to the large aileron, elevator and rudder surface areas. The deep fuselage provides great lift for extended knife edge flight.
Wing side force generators are standard and drag brakes for the ailerons are supplied if you need/want them.
The durable nature of the construction makes the Venus 3D suitable for outdoor flying as well on calm days. You can really explore that 'over 1:1' power to weight ratio then!
The recommended servos provide the right amount of power combined with low weight to make th Venus 3D shine in the most dramatic aerobatic. The 9g servo needs a small adjustment to the foam aperture to allow fitment. 10 seconds with a sharp knife will have it sorted!!!

Just 1 hr and some regular Cyano will have her ready for flight.

Wingspan: 828 mm
Length: 970 mm
All-up weight: 210 - 250 g

RC functions:
- Aileron
- Rudder
- Elevator
- Throttle

Kit contents:
- Ready-made, printed EPP fuselage, wings and tail panels
- RC hardware pack including horns, carbon control rods, linkages etc.
- Undercariage and wheels
- Propeller 9 x 5
- Comprehensive, illustrated building instructions

To run the model, you will also need:
- RC system with 4 channel or more
- AT2206 1500Kv Brushless outrunner motor
- LiPo battery 7.4V/ 450 mA 25C
- PICO servo 6 g - 2 pcs
- Brushless ESC 10 - 12 A
- Charger for LiPo Battery


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