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Fast sport jet with 4S EDF power system.

Vector - the powered arrow from robbe !

The robbe Vector is free of all scale restrictions, and is optimised for uncompromisingly superb aerodynamics. Form follows function, and nothing else.

The robbe Vector flies just as it looks: jetting across the flying field, straight as a die. At the same time it always responds precisely to the sticks without feeling twitchy. The servo-operated rudder provides full control for accurate rolls as well as extended knife-edge passes.

In the engine room there is a factory-fitted brushless fan unit, powered by an optional 4S LiPo battery. The power unit can breathe freely due to the functional layout, and the net result is ample thrust in all flight attitudes. Two vertical upward rolls from level flight? Yes, please! Pull out of the reversal, then fast as a bullet down the strip at breath-taking speed before boring a hole in the sun, heading for the next galaxy.

With such thrust available, hand-launching is a simple exercise - even without an assistant. Full-throttle, a gentle push from a standing start - and the robbe Vector is straight up there, boring holes in the sky. The high-grip landing skid provides a firm hand-hold for launching, and also protects the Vector from landing damage.

Rock-solid in the air, shouldering aside all turbulence. The speed range is enormous: a measured 50 to 160 km/hr with the standard power system - now that´s really moving ! At the same time the robbe Vector is docile at low speed, is always fully controllable, and touches down gently on the strip for a smooth landing.

Raspon krila: 750 mm
Dužina: 900 mm
Površina krila: 12.2 dm2
Težina: 840 g (komplet opremljen)

RC funkcije:
- Pravac-Rudder
- Visina-Elevator
- Nagib-Aileron
- Motor-Throttle

Kit sadrži:
- Model napravljen od fine granulacije stiropora
- Svi delovi modela obojeni sa zalepljenim nalepnicama
- Servo 9 g (5 kom) postavljeni
- Motor Brushless klase 36 za 4S bateriju  
- Regulator brzine ESC 50 A
- Kontrolne komande postavljene
- Sitni delovi (šrafovi, matice, CFRP wing joiner rod..)
- Detaljno uputstvo montaže sa slikama

Za pokretanje modela potrebno je:
- Radio stanica min. 4 kanala sa mixerom
- Baterije za radio stanicu
- Baterija LiPo 14.8V/ 2200 mA/ 25C
- Set konektora baterije i ESC
- Punjač za baterije sa odgovarajućim kablom





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