TIGER Monster Truck 1:10 4WD RTR Electric Powered Model Car

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With its 4 WD, huge tyres, massive ground clearance, independent suspension and huge shock absorbers the electric MONSTER TRUCK TIGER will look stunning on any surface.

Perfectly manufactured chassis, power train and electronics make the TIGER a real predator.

There is hardly a gradient too steep or a jump too far for this Big Cat. This new model sets the mark in electro trucks and can be made even wilder with a Brushless motor, LiPo battery packs and our tuning Speed Controller.

Length: 420 mm
Width: 335 mm
Height: 225 mm
All-up weight: 1800 g
Scale: 1:10
Ball bearing

RC functions:
- Rudder (left/ right)
- Forward/ stop/ brake/ backward

Kit contents:
- 2.4 GHz Transmitter receiver and Steering Servo
- Pre-fitted Electric Motor Venti 600 and Speed Controller
- Shock Absorber Adjusting Clips
- Chassis CFK-Design
- Sun Power  NiMH 7.2 V 1800 mAh Battery Pack
- 220 V Drive Battery pack Charger
- Instructions and Tuning Parts List
- Decals


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