Simulator RC - 18 in 1 For G6.5/G5 /phoenix4.0/ XTR5.03 /Aerofly1.97

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Notes About RealFlight G6.5 IMPORTANT:
(Can Networking Registered play games)
The serial number can be used on more than ONE computer,but CANNOT be used to register online from different computers simultaneously.G6.5 Software with the only Serial Number and Password to register online.

To support more simulator interfaces switching,the software named SimSwitcherXIn1 is used. It can be found in directory "PengFeiSim" in disk A or B. The privilege of ADMINISTRATOR is required to install this software-switcher.

Suitable for G6.5/G5/Phoenix4.0/XTR5.03/Aerofly1.97.

System requirement as follows:
1.1.0 GHz pentium 3/4 amd or athlon/64 compatible processor.
2.Microsoft windows XP,Vista,Windows7 or Windows 8.
3.256MB system memory(ram)or above.
4.4GB free uncompressed hard-disk space.
5.ATI Radeon 9800 or NVidia Geforce Ti4200 with at least 128MB menory.
6.Microsoft DirectX 9.0C or higher DVD-ROM Driver for installation.
7.1 USB 1.1 or 2.0 port.
8.90% DirectX 9 compatible sound card(optional)

Package Include:
SuperSimX all in one R/C simulator Dongle(XTR/G2/FMS,G3/G4/G5/G6,AeroFly,PhoenixRC4)
4 X Cable
2 X CD(A&B side)


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