Futaba FF-7 (T-7CP) 2.4 GHz Radiocontrol System

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Fully expanded seven-channel computer system of ergonomically efficient hand-held transmitter design, exploiting 2.4 GHz FASST technology.
The FASST system is a Spread Spectrum system with frequency hopping (FHSS).

No crystals, no spot frequency selection, no same-channel interference - these are the fundamental advantages of FASST technology.

Virtually proof against interference due to Spread Spectrum modulation, frequency hopping and encoding from transmitter to receiver, with more than 130 million possible codes.
For a detailed description of the system advantages of 2.4 GHz FASST technology please refer to the FASST introduction page.

Caracteristicile sistemului de emisie Futaba 2.4 GHz FASST  Advantages of 2.4 GHz Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology

- The transmitter is supplied fully expanded, with one analogue rotary control and six switches, and requires no additional accessories
- Comprehensive software with mixer functions for fixed-wing model aircraft and helicopters
- Contains all the essential functions which the advanced modeller really needs
- The system is very easy to program with its four control buttons, 3-D hotkey and logically arranged software
- The LCD screen with 72 x 32 pixels features extra-large dots for better legibility
- The software is available in six languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch
- Ten model memories
- Digital stick trims store the trim values automatically, eliminating the need to adjust the trims or store the values separately when you switch models
- The LCD screen shows the trim value positions in graphic bar form
- Integral H3 (1:1:1) swashplate mixer for CCPM rotor head control (140°)
- Integral Trainer system
- Integral folding stub aerial
- With charge socket, prepared for use with rechargeable battery
- The dual-axis stick units are designed for universal mode (Modes 1 and 2), and can be converted by the user to suit his personal preference

Dimensions: 195 x 200 x 90 mm
Weight: 520 g
Channel spacing: 2048 kHz
Current drain: 200 mA
Power supply: 9.6 - 12 V
Transmission system: FSK
Functions: 14/7

Kit contents:
1 x Transmitter T-7CP FASST 2.4 GHz
1 x Receiver R-617 FS FASST 2.4 GHz
1 x Switch harness
1 x Transmitter battery box (for 8 pcs R6 batteries)
1 x Instruction manual

Recommended accesories:
- Receiver battery
- Neckstrap
- Trainer cord
- DSC lead (Direct Servo Control)

Software list
Basic functions:

- Model select, ten model memories
- Modelname (six characters), model copy
- Operating hours timer (Timer)
- Count-up / count-down stopwatch
- Digital operating voltage display
- Stick modes 1 ... 4
- Throttle function reverse
- Trainer mode
- Digital stick trims with variable trim increment
- Servo reverse
- Servo centre adjustment (sub-trim)
- Fail-safe (channel 3, throttle)
- Servo travel adjustment (ATV / EPA)
- 3 x Switchable control travel (D/R)
- 4 x Exponential function (EXP)
- Idle trim with reverse (ATL)
- Throttle cut
- Transmitter control select for channels 5 and 7
- Mixer menus for fixed-wing model aircraft and helicopters
- Reset

Fixed-wing model aircraft:
- 3 x three-point programmable mixers, with offset mixing
- Flaperon mixer with differential
- Flaperon trim (flaperon mixer value)
- Aileron -> rudder
- Elevator -> flaperon
- Flaperon -> elevator
- Airbrake (ailerons as camber-changing / landing flaps)
- Ailvator mixer (aileron - elevator)
- V-tail mixer (V-tail)
- Deltamixer (elevon) with differential

- 3 x three-point programmable mixers, with offset mixing
- Five-point throttle curve, normal, idle-up 1 and 2
- Five-point collective pitch curve, normal, idle-up 1, 2 and auto-rotation
- Throttle trim, hover (mix trimmer)
- Collective pitch trim, hover
- Collective pitch -> tail rotor mixer
- Auto -rotation with tail rotor offset
- Dual offset mixer for roll, pitch-axis and tail rotor functions
- H1, H2, HR3, H3 (90°) H3 (1:1:1), swashplate control systems
- Swashplate travel adjustment (AFR)
- Gyro gain set-up menu
- Speed governor set-up menu (speed regulator)
- Swashplate - throttle mixer


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