EUROCOPTER EC-135 Coaxial Model Helicopter

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- This is 400 Class Coaxial Helicopter EC-135, it is the biggest class of radio control coaxial helicopter in the market today.
- With bearing support in the inner of the Rotor head, it can rotate flexibly and stably; with copper ball buckle connection between the swash plate and servo arms; easy to control, with stable performance, crash resistance, is suitable for beginners.
- The canopy of EC-135 is made by water transfer printing, pad printing and spray printing technology, with a beautiful and scaled appearance.
- The radio control distance is 200 meters and flying time is around 8 minutes.
- Suitable for indoor flight and can fly in outdoor under breeze.

Main rotor diameter: 560 mm
Length: 635 mm
Width: 130 mm
Weight: 830 g

RC functions:
- Up/ down
- Left/ right steering
- Forward/ backward
- Left/ right roll

Kit contents:
- Ready To Fly factory finished helicopter
- Motor: 390 brushed
- Battery: LiPo 11.1 V/ 1600 mA
- Servo: 9 g (2 pcs)
- RC System 2.4GHz (4 channel)
- LiPo battery charger with equalizer for the heli battery
- Replacement blades (1 set = 4 pcs)
- Comprehensive illustrated assembly instructions

To run the model, you will also need:
- 8 AA batteries for the radiocontrol

Replacement battery: LiPo 11.1 V/ 1800 mA.





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