ARCUS V-TAIL Model Motor Glider 1400 mm

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Compact powered glider, ideal for the beginner

The V-Tail Prop is the latest addition to the robbe Arcus family, and is an eye-catcher in several ways - not just due to its unusual looks. Its above-average performance in the air, and its suitability for any pilot from the relatively inexperienced pilot with some experience of aileron models right up to the advanced pilot, are ample proof of its tremendous versatility.

With its compact dimensions, the Arcus V-Tail Prop is the ideal "evening flyer", as it is easy to transport in any car, and can be ready for flying the moment you reach the club patch.

Wing loading approx.: 30 g/dm2
Length approx.: 770 mm
Total surface area approx.: 15 dm2
All-up weight approx.: 450 g
Wingspan approx.: 1400 mm
RC functions:
- Elevator
- Aileron
- Motor control
Set contents:
- Robust EPO foam fuselage, wings and tail with decals applied
- Factory-trimmed canopy
- Small hardware items for control linkages and servo covers
- Propeller and spinner already fitted
- Brushless motor and speed controller from the robbe E-COLINE series
- 3 factory-installed robbe E-COLINE 8 g servos
- Illustrated multi-lingual assembly instructions


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